Current KungFuNK gear includes

Roland XP50
Technics WSA1R
E-mu Carnaval
Novation Supernova
Electrix Warp Factory
Yamaha VL1M
Korg Wavestation SR
Korg Trinity

Yamaha EX5R
Yamaha A3000
Yamaha DD11 Drum pads
Nord lead
Yamaha RY30
Suzuki Omnichord
Korg IH Vocal Harmoniser
TL Audio 5050 Valve compressor

Yamaha Rev 500
Yamaha EPM 700
Zoom 1201
Joe meek VC3
Technics 1210's x 2
SPL Transient Designer
TL Audio Sterio Valve compressor

Other gear includes...
Midisport 8x8 PC - P4 3.5Ghz Fully stocked with 4Gb of Ram and fitted with Yamaha DSP Factory, Tascam DA 20 mk II, Philips DCC730 Digital compact cassette recorder, Philips CDR870 Compact disc recorder, Studiomaster Trilogy 206 and Allen and Heath GS1 Mixers, Gibson Les Paul Guitar, Dean 6 String Acoustic Guitar, Bass Collection 4 string fretless bass, Jim Dunlop Cry Baby, Samson Servo 170 Amplifier, Marantz HD480 and Yamaha NS10 speakers. A TV and Video some CD players a tape recorder and a hanging chair to sit in while mastering.